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Find out more about working with Stacked Games to publish your game or have us create your game's core mechanic (the rules and structure). Discover our portfolio of clients and games. Play EpicX online or write for the brand. Join the Stacked Games community or just browse as a guest.

EpicX Role-Playing Game

An original d20 role-playing game core mechanic with unprecedented customization, EpicX isn't preloaded with a setting so game masters can apply any plugin they desire -- or write their own. EpicX offers official plugins and campaigns but also includes chapters on creating your own and posting them to be considered for publication.

Directory of Games

Card games, role-playing games and hybrid games that will blow your mind. Our games are vast and varied from preteen tabletop adventures to mature-rated explorations of the exotic. Browse without fear as everything is clearly marked for general audience gamers.

Working with Stacked Games

Hiring us to design your core game mechanic. Submit your game for publication. Join our team of EpicX plugin and campaign writers. Sell our games from your website, at a convention or in your store.

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